Please see below a few samples of my work:

BBC Jersey – Getting Connected on the Rock

An exploration of the history of Telecoms in the Channel Islands.

Linux for Business

An article I penned about the benefits for businesses to switching to the Linux Operating System. This article has not been published and is for sample purposes only.

BL Magazine – Cash in the Attic – how much is your vintage tech worth?

This article concerns retro technology like video games consoles which now may be worth a fortune.

BL Magazine – Is your Company spying on you?

This article concerns the recent court ruling that companies can spy on employee electronic communications under certain circumstances. With the ever blurring line between work and home life, can we ever be sure our privacy will be respected?

The above two articles are also available to read on the online version of the May/June 2016 edition of BL Magazine available at :

Petition : Criminalise adding milk to tea first

A tongue in cheek sample petition to make it mandatory to add tea to milk, rather than milk to tea when making the perfect cuppa.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Typewriter

An explanation for my love affair with good old fashioned manual typewriter.

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